Professional Organizations

CHP Student Leadership

Student Leadership Group

Physical Therapy Class of 2018: Andrew Thompson
Physical Therapy Class of 2019: Tom Christ
Physician Assistant Class of 2018: Deep Patel; Danica Pinson
Physician Assistant Class of 2019: TBA
Master of Public Health Class of 2017: Ebony Black; Johane Simen
Master of Public Health Class of 2018: Jasmine Phillips
Clinical Medical Psychology Class of 2019: Kelsey Hewitt; Jessica Lyles

The Student Leadership Group is an organization of selected College of Health Professions’ students representing each academic class and each discipline. The objectives of the Student Leadership Group shall be: to establish centralized communication between the students and faculty/administration; to promote and perpetuate professionalism in all endeavors pertaining to Mercer; and to communicate and promote student events within the College

2016-2017 Student Ambassadors

Ebony Black, Public Health
Bill Djire, Physical Therapy
Heather Farmer, Physician Assistant
Katherine Follin, Physician Assistant
Haley Graham, Physical Therapy
Alex Hodson, Physician Assistant
Erin Kaminsky, Physical Therapy
Tammy Luu, Physician Assistant
Jess Lyles, Clinical Medical Psychology
Chelsey Masters, Physician Assistant
Deep Patel, Physician Assistant
Danica Pinson, Physician Assistant
Andrew Thompson, Physical Therapy
Advisor: Laura Ellison

Student Ambassadors are current students selected to represent Mercer University’s College of Health Professions in the public arena at a variety of different programs including Open House/Info Session events, new student orientations, White Coat Ceremony, and possibly college and/or career fairs.

Physical Therapy 

Simons Society Association of Physical Therapy Students

President: Andrew Ricks
Vice President: Kelly McKinnon
Secretary: Will Bolt
Treasurer: Courtney Griffith
Advisor: Dr. Joe Donnelly

The David G. Simons Society is the student organization for all DPT students enrolled in the program. In all aspects of its function, the Simons Society will pursue the core values of altruism, accountability, caring and compassion, excellence, integrity, professional duty and social responsibility for the student physical therapist as a future health care provider. The Simons Society Council includes two representatives per class, the Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) representative, and a treasurer.

Physician Assistant 

Godsey-Matthews Student Society

President: Deep Patel
Advisors: Prof. Mallory Aycock and Prof. Catherine Sadowski

The Godsey-Matthews Student Society of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) was established in 2008 as the official organization for the students of the Mercer University Physician Assistant Program. The purpose of the Society is to educate and orient all members of the Society to the AAPA; promote the Physician Assistant as a member of the health care delivery team in the medical community and the community at large; provide academic and professional guidance for the incoming class; instill in the Physician Assistant the importance of keeping abreast of current medical advancement; serve as the official liaison between the national and state levels of the AAPA, and the Mercer PA Program; serve as the liaison and promote communication between other Physician Assistant student societies, medical societies, and other health care providers; promote camaraderie between members of the student society throughout their tenure at Mercer University; and encourage philanthropic activities among the members of the Godsey-Matthews Society, Mercer University, and the community. In all aspects of its function, the Society will pursue integrity, equality, dignity, and competence for the physician assistant as a health practitioner.

Public Health 

Mercer Public Health Association

President: Ebony Black
Advisor: Dr. Jimmie Smith

The mission of MPHA is to create a forum for the exchange of ideas, the accumulation of experiences, the acquisition of information and skills and the performance of research related to public health issues in communities throughout the state of Georgia, the nation and the world.

Mercer Public Health Student Advisory Board

President: Johane Simen
Treasurer: Jennifer Hendricks
Secretary: Mira Ferguson
Service Committee: Ebony Black
Curriculum Committee: Yusra Amjad
Research Committee: Emily Glidden
Admissions Committee: Omotayo Owoseni
Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Gaddis

The Student Advisory Board is composed of student representatives (one from each cohort, 1st and 2nd year) who serve on each of the 7 MPH program committees. Student representatives are nominated and elected by their peers annually.

Clinical Medical Psychology

Student Association

President/Lead Representative: K.C. Hewitt
Student Ambassador: Jessican Lyles
Class of 2017 Representative: Lindsey Bigham
Class of 2018 Representative: Chase Grosse
Class of 2019 Representative: Kathy Miller
Class of 2020 Representative: Tonya Miller
Advisor: Dr. Meghan Cody

The Clinical Medical Psychology (CMP) Student Association exists as an avenue for student self-governance and promotion of the mission of the Department, to prepare psychologists as integrated health care practitioners who contribute to and apply scientific knowledge of human behavior to benefit individuals, systems, and society.  Class representatives consist of students representing each cohort, elected at the beginning of the spring semester each year.  A Head Student Representative is also chosen and acts as a student-faculty liaison.  In addition, one student serves as a Student Ambassador who works with Admissions and Student Affairs to represent Mercer University’s College of Health Professions and the Department of Clinical Medical Psychology in the public arena.