Clinical Psychology

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Dr. Toi Curry

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Gail N. Kemp

Assistant Professor

Dr. Davielle Lakind

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mary Beth McCullough

Assistant Professor

Janet Montgomery

Academic Support Specialist, Department of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Michelle M. Robbins

Interim Chair, Department of Clinical Psychology | Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Mark "Tony" A. Stillman

Clinical Associate Professor | Director of PsyD Clinical Training

Adjunct Faculty

Ryan Breshiers, PhD
Stephen Brown, PsyD
Kristin Carothers, PhD
Kelly Cate, PhD
Olivia Gupton, PsyD
Kelsey Hewitt, PsyD
Lee Hyer, PhD
Jennifer Kilkus, PhD
Linda Kondilis, PhD
Cameron Mosley, PhD
Christine Mullen, PsyD
Jessica Robbins, PhD
Elizabeth Soety, PhD
Emma Stein, PsyD
Elaine Thomas, PsyD
Zachary Yanis, PsyD
Donna Zaorski, PsyD