Combined Degrees

The College of Health Professions offers five combined degree programs to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to positively impact the health of our nation.  Admissions requirements and degree requirements of the respective programs remain unchanged.  Click below to review specifics of each of the combined degree programs.

Doctor of Physical Therapy / Master of Public Health (DPT/MPH)

Sharing the goals of promoting wellness and health promotion, advocating for improved health of individuals and society, reducing health disparities, and improving the quality of life for families and communities, students in the DPT/MPH combined degree program will be challenged to confront complex health issues, such as improving access to health care, and reducing environmental hazards and injury.

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Master of Medical Science / Master of Public Health (MMSc/MPH)

Given the need for primary healthcare providers in rural, medically underserved communities, the MMSc/MPH combined degree program specifically focuses on providing rural and underserved communities with well-trained public health-minded primary care physician assistants who have the ability to address societal health concerns and evaluate community-based programming.

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Doctor of Psychology / Master of Public Health (PsyD/MPH)

The PsyD/MPH combined degree program address issues within the healthcare delivery system that are essential on both local and national levels. The curriculum plan facilitates preparation of mental healthcare providers who are able to address public health concerns and evaluate community-based programming.

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Doctor of Pharmacy / Master of Public Health (PharmD/MPH)

The MPH degree will complement the PharmD degree in a manner that will broaden the occupational and professional opportunities of the prospective graduate in community, industry, or institutional practice.

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Doctor of Physical Therapy / Master of Business Administration (DPT/MBA)

Graduates of the DPT/MBA combined degree program will be empowered to serve the needs of individuals and society while being well positioned to understand the current administrative and leadership environment in which they will engage.  Sharing the goal of ethical business and practice, this combined degree program will strengthen the knowledge and ability of graduates to function in a global health care market.

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