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About the Major

The major in public health is a College of Health Professions Bachelor of Science degree offering that develops students’ understanding of the underlying science of human health and disease across the life course. Students will learn fundamental concepts of program implementation, planning, assessment, and evaluation to address population health issues. Students will also gain understanding of legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory dimensions of health care and public health policy. The public health major will graduate with a Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accredited degree that may be used to seek entry-level employment in public health, to further education at the graduate level, to seek public health related certifications, or to continue education in the health sciences.

About the Minor

A minor in public health consists of 15 hours of public health courses. PBH 101, 305, and 307 are required; students may select the remaining 6 hours from any upper level public health course (300 or 400 level).

Outreach and Engaged Learning

Public health majors must complete 30 community service hours related to public health. A portfolio demonstrating competency for entry-level employment is also required for completion of the capstone experience.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to engage with faculty and departmental partners in research upon completing essential courses for topics related to public health.

In the Classroom

Students will gain knowledge and develop skills from assignments, readings, class discussions, guest speakers, field trips, case studies, and other activities. Certification in various public health topical areas will be offered to provide students opportunities to develop competency in public health. A mix of learning, experiences, and knowledge enhancement will help graduates be marketable in a competitive environment.

Beyond Mercer

The major in Public Health will prepare you for work in health and non-health related work settings and graduate school. Opportunities include employment with:

  • Local health departments
  • Regional health districts
  • State public health offices
  • Federal public health offices
  • International public health offices
  • Health services
  • Health administration
  • Non-profit organizations

Examples of Current Public Health Position Titles:

  • Public health educator
  • Program assistant
  • Public health specialist
  • Program coordinator
  • Administrator
  • Environmental specialist
  • Research assistant
  • Community health specialist
  • Outreach coordinator

The public health graduate will be prepared for entry-level work in public health, will be graduate school ready, or will be prepared to continue education in the health sciences beyond the bachelor’s degree (eg, physical therapy, physician assistant, medicine).

The BSPH degree is offered on the Macon campus only; interested students, whether for freshman or transfer admissions should apply through Mercer’s Undergraduate Admissions.