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About the Major

The major in kinesiology is a College of Health Professions Bachelor of Science degree offering that develops students’ understanding of the focus on the scientific study of human movement based on the study of anatomy, physiology with application to movement analysis, fitness assessment, performance enhancement, and rehabilitation.  The kinesiology major will graduate with a degree that may be used to seek entry-level employment in healthcare or to further education in the graduate health sciences.  There is no minor in kinesiology offered.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to engage with faculty and departmental partners in research upon completing essential courses for topics related to kinesiology.

In the Classroom

Students will gain knowledge and develop skills from assignments, readings, class discussions, application activities, labs, case studies, and other activities.  A mix of learning, experiences, and knowledge enhancement will help graduates be marketable in a competitive environment.

Beyond Mercer

The major in kinesiology will prepare students for work in health and non-health related work settings and graduate school. Opportunities include employment as:

  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Exercise Specialist in Rehabilitation

The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree is offered on the Macon campus only; interested students, whether for freshman or transfer admissions should apply through Mercer’s Undergraduate Admissions.